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"Being on the Louisville Zoo Youth Board was a tremendous experience. I was an officer on the youth board from 1997-2000, which gave me a more in-depth view into different aspects of the Louisville Zoo. When people visit the zoo their main focus of course is the animals, but most folks don’t understand the business aspect of the zoo. Many of the fundraising projects that the youth board was and is involved in have helped to fund some much needed projects around the zoo. The youth board is also great at encouraging youth from in and around the community to get involved with the zoo and can showcase the Louisville Zoo in a positive light to some younger members of the community. I have very fond memories of being on the zoo’s youth board, even when it was forty degrees and raining during the World’s Largest Halloween Party, and I’d highly encourage anyone looking for fun and entertaining volunteer opportunities to check out the Louisville Zoo Youth Board."

Drew Koch

President 1999-2000



"I have been a volunteer for 3 years.  Being on the Youth Board has taught me leadership skills and work ethic that will last a lifetime.  If it wasn’t for the Youth Board I wouldn’t be the person I am." 

Shelby Adair

President (2008-2009)


"I have been a volunteer for 3 years.  Serving on the Louisville Zoo Youth Board has been a great experience during my teenage years.  It has shown me how to work with people and how to become involved with an influential organization."

Brad Lawson



"I have been a volunteer for 5 years.  The Youth Board has helped to expand my experience in working with the public.  It offers amazing experiences that one can never forget – I certainly won’t." 

Emily Goldstein







"I have been a volunteer for 3 years.  Being a member of the Youth Board has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Through the Board, I have met some truly wonderful people and have been given opportunities that I never would have had otherwise. I am so grateful for the experiences of both working with the animals and with the employees and other volunteers. The friends I have made, and all the mischief we got into, will be with me forever."

Sam Leist
Current President (2009-2010)