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  2014 Adult Packet  


Volunteers have been making a difference at the Louisville Zoo for over 35 years! Share your time, talent and enthusiasm in a stimulating environment and you won't go away empty handed. Volunteer benefits include learning about the animal world, its ecology and conservation, making new friends, developing new skills and contributing to the quality of life in your community.

Youth Registration is now closed until January 2015.

During the 2012-13 (July-June) fiscal year the Louisville Zoo had a total of 1,467 volunteers in a variety of departments including Horticulture, Maintenance, Administrative and even in Animal areas.  Together they comprised over 62,801 hours with a total value of $1,191,722 with benefits.

Click here for the updated Volunteer Handbook.

About the Zoo

The Louisville Zoo opened in 1969 and was designated the State Zoo of Kentucky in 1980 for "…its natural environmental design, professional quality and dedication to education, conservation and recreation."

The Louisville Zoo offers a broad range of programs and services services to the citizens of Louisville, Kentuckiana and beyond. Individuals and organizations throughout our community play a major role in helping the Louisville Zoo reach its goals. By volunteering you can be a part of it all.

Where are volunteers needed?

You may volunteer in almost every area of the Zoo. The area you choose depends on your personal interest and available time. The Zoo offers volunteer opportunities in the areas of animal care, clerical services, education, horticulture, membership, special events and the Children's Train Garden.

What do you need to become a volunteer?

An interest in animals and people, a considerate disposition and a willingness to share and grow are some of the qualities of Zoo volunteers. There are volunteer opportunities for anyone age 13 and above. The target age for the youth program is 13-18 years of age. All volunteers must have a current Tuberculin skin test. An annual background check will be conducted on all adult volunteers.  

How do volunteers begin?

To discuss the possibilities with our Coordinator of Volunteers simply email  mary.taylor@louisvilleky.gov or print and fill out the online volunteer form. We will be happy to work with you to select just the right volunteer opportunity that matches your availability, interests and any special needs.

Once the application process is complete, your schedule will be prepared and you will be shown to your job area and introduced to your supervisor. At that time, a job description and any other instructions that you may need will be provided. Should you wish to try something new or your interest level expand, the Volunteer Coordinator will assist you in making necessary arrangements.

What is the Zoo Youth Board?

The 50-member Zoo Youth Board is made up of students age 13-17. Click here to learn more about this amazing group of young people.

The Zoo's Commitment to Volunteers

The Louisville Zoo's goal is to educate, entertain and involve diverse groups of people from all walks of life. The Volunteer Coordinator and Zoo staff will work with you to make your time at the Zoo enjoyable, productive and educational.