2014 picnic

Monday, September 1, 2014


Activities for the Kids (or Kids at heart)

Picnic Area:

Inflatables - those located at the picnic site (free with wristband)

*Zoo memberships not valid for Labor Union Picnic Activities

Fun things to do inside the Zoo:

Sky Trail® Navigator - $12 ($11 Zoo Members)

Sky Tykes™ - $6 ($5 Zoo Members)

Carousel - $2 per ride

Train - $3.50 per ride

Safari Ride Bracelet - $6 (Includes UNLIMITED Carousel and Train rides the day of your vist.

African Outpost and Billabong Playgrounds (no cost)

Papa John's Splash Park (no cost)


During your visit, there are a variety of activities such as zookeeper talks, animal demonstrations and other education opportunities to enhance your experience. We hope you enjoy your visit at the Louisville Zoo.


BIG BIG BUGS!: See 13 gigantic animatronic bugs as you wind your way through the Zoo.

Bear Habitat at Glacier Run: Featuring polar and grizzly bears, spectacular underwater viewing and the adorable polar bear cub, Qannik.

Steller's Sea-Eagle Aviary: This spectacular 50' aviary is now open in Glacier Run and features the rare sea-eagles, the stunningly colorful mandarin ducks and more. 

NEW Snowy Owl Exhibit: Located near the Splash Park.

Seal & Sea Lion Habitat at Glacier Run: An amazing habitat with training demonstrations in the amphitheatre.

Papa John's Splash Park at Glacier Run: With a cool pirate ship, jet sprayers, dump buckets and lots of other splash play, get as wet as you want. Free with Zoo admission or membership.

Australia: Stroll along a path directly through the new wallaby and wallaroo exhibit. Relax at the Walkabout Cafe while the kids play in the Billabong Playabout.

Lorikeet Landing: Children and adults love this nose-to-beak experience with a chance to enter an aviary full of brilliantly colored lorikeets and feed them nectar right out of your hand. It's an experience you won't want to miss.

Alice S. Etscorn Tiger Tundra: Get a close up view of the most magnificent cats on earth! Catch an eye level view of Amur tigers through a reinforced glass barrier.

Gorilla Forest: A walk through Gorilla Forest is like a walk through Africa. A stop at Hippo Falls to see the Pygmy hippos in their pool is just what you need before pressing deeper into the forest in search of the magnificent Western lowland gorillas.

THE ISLANDS: This exhibit offers visitors the chance to travel to the Islands to enjoy playful orangutans, awesome Sumatran tigers, tapirs, babirusa and siamangs which all rotate habitats within this award-winning complex. Inside the Islands Pavilion you'll find everything from Cuban crocodiles to penguins - plus a large walk-through aviary. 

King Louie, the rare white alligator is waiting for your visit in the HerpAquarium. This indoor exhibit features reptiles, amphibians and fish exhibited in their natural habitats. A walk outside takes you to the amazing Komodo Dragon exhibit.

LOUISVILLE ZOO | 1100 Trevilian Way | P.O. Box 37250 | Louisville, KY  40213