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Louisville Zoo
Animal Enrichment "Wish List"

The Louisville Zoo is seeking the following items for donation to help with animal enrichment programs. For more information about the Zoo's Animal Enrichment program, please read the article Rich In Enrichment from the September issue of Trunkline Magazine.

Please contact Kelly Grether at (502) 238-5615 or Kelly.Grether@louisvilleky.gov if you wish to make a donation.

Items must be delivered to the Zoo.

Glacier Run

  • Burlap bags

  • Five gallon buckets 

Gorilla Forest

  • Burlap sacks

  • ‘Kong’ toys

  • Unbreakable mirrors

  • Plastic kiddie pools

  • Pillowcases

  • Flat bed sheets

  • Quilts/blankets (with no stuffing)

  • Ferret logs

  • Boomer balls

  • Jolly balls

  • Brown craft paper

  • Cardboard tubes

  • Paper lawn bags


  • Digital Radios, AM/FM

  • Digital Radios, Weather

  • Plastic containers