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The "World's Largest
Halloween Party!"

October 4-6, 10-13, 17-20 & 24-27, 2013
Enter from 5 until 8:30 p.m.

Halloween Party Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQ

(Scroll down for specific Zoo Member questions)

Can you see the animals during the Halloween Party?

Visit some of our late night Party animals (weather permitting). You are most likely to see maned wolves, flamingos, snow leopards, bongos, rhinos and giraffes. The HerpAquarium remains open during the event so you can visit our creepy and crawliest inhabitants. Many others retire to their bedrooms; some are not out for their health and safety during this event.

Is the Halloween Party held on Halloween night?

No, the last night of the Party is October 27.

Do regular daytime Zoo hours change?

Yes. On Party nights, the Zoo gates close early at 3 p.m. for daytime visitors (instead of 4 p.m.) Guests have until 4 p.m. (instead of 5 p.m.) to exit. Guests must exit at 4 p.m. to allow the Event Team time to prepare for the event. The gates reopen at 5 p.m. for the Party.

Is smoking permitted?

No. For the safety of children in costumes, smoking is prohibited anywhere on Zoo grounds during this event.

Do kids have to wear costumes?

Kids are encouraged to wear costumes but they are certainly not required.

Can adults wear costumes?

Adults may also wear costumes but we ask that they be family-friendly (not scary please). And since this event caters to small children, adults may NOT wear masks that cover the face. The Zoo reserves the right to ask adults to remove masks.

Where do we park? Is there a cost?

Click here for details on parking at the Zoo or off-site parking and shuttle options plus road closings.

What are the directions to the Zoo?

The Louisville Zoo is easy to find and just 15 minutes from downtown Louisville, KY, easily accessible from I-64 and I-65. Take I-264 (Watterson Expressway) to Poplar Level Road exit #14 and travel north. Follow the black and white zoo signs to 1100 Trevilian Way. Yahoo! Maps. Bus Service via TARC.

Will the train be running during the Party? Are there any discounts?

The trains will operate weather permitting ($5 per person during the Party). Capacity will be limited by the number of trains running. Some restrictions do apply.

What other rides and attractions will be available?

The Carousel will be running during the Party ($2 per person). The 4-D Theater features Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs TM ($4 per person). Journey to see the Headless Horseman located near Gorilla Forest (price $2). Some restrictions do apply. Fun photos, Handimals hand art, and face painting will be available through Kaman’s Art Shoppe locations.

Are gift shops and concessions open?

Yes, the main gift shop and some event stands are open and will sell fun glow necklaces, snakes, Halloween-themed jewelry and more. Members get 10% off select items. Concession stands (not Islands Café or African Outpost) are open and selling snacks and beverages. Members get a 10% discount - excludes small cart locations.

What other Zoo rules and policies should I be aware of?

Click here for information on Zoo policies regarding pets, balloons, skateboards, alcohol, behavior inside the Zoo and more.


How do I buy a ticket online?

Go to louisvillezoo.org and click on “Louisville Zoo Online Store.” Halloween tickets (not memberships) are also available on our mobile platform. Bring your printed ticket or mobile device (showing your barcode) to the Zoo for validation. More Online FAQs.

How can I get a ticket that allows me flexibility on the night I attend?

Our sponsor, Meijer, is selling a limited number of “any night” tickets for $7.50 beginning Sept. 27. We are also selling a limited number of $15 VIP tickets online that are valid for any night of the Halloween Party (includes admission and one 4-D Theater ticket).

Why am I being charged a convenience fee?

A convenience fee is being charged for all online tickets to help us cover the fees associated with online ticketing. Each night will have a designated number of tickets available.

If the forecast is calling for rain for my ticket date, will you still be open?

Yes, this event will be held rain or shine. There are no refunds or exchanges. Please check the weather and be prepared. A limited number of rain ponchos will be available at the gift shop. In the event dangerous winds or lightening create an unsafe situation at the Zoo, we generally discontinue operations for a short time and resume when the weather clears.

May I exchange my ticket or get a refund for another date if my child becomes ill or something comes up?

Sorry, we cannot exchange or refund tickets.

Are there any discount tickets available anywhere?

Yes, a limited number of advance discount tickets ($7.50) will be available at participating area Meijer stores as of Sept. 27 while supplies last. A list of participating stores can be found by clicking here. Groups of 15 or more and approved eConsignment partner employees can purchase discounted (night specific) tickets online or by calling Group Sales. Click here for details.


Louisville Zoo Members - Halloween Party Questions

How do I buy an online ticket using my member number?

Go to louisvillezoo.org and click on “Louisville Zoo Online Store.” Important!  FIRST! Enter your member number in the box “For Member Discounts” on the left side of the online ticket page (it looks like the sample box in orange to your left).  You must enter the number and hit “submit” before you check out with your credit card. Halloween tickets (not memberships) are also available on our mobile platform

For mobile ticketing, you MUST enter your number FIRST (scroll to the bottom and see the "Membership" box). 

DO NOT put a number in  "Promotional Code" box (that is an entirely different number and will not give you a member discount).  

Bring your ticket or mobile device (with barcode) to the Zoo for validation. More Online Ticketing FAQs.

Do I need to bring my membership card and photo ID even though I used my ID number to buy my ticket online?

Yes, we reserve the right to check member cards and photo ID at the gate.

Why do I need to get a ticket online for the free and discounted member nights and select a specific night?

To reduce over-crowding and improve the quality and safety of the experience, we are asking members and non-members to reserve tickets for a specific night online. A specific number of tickets will be available for each evening.

Can I attend more than one $0 night?

With such a large member base, we hope each family will attend one night during the first seven nights and return during the second two weeks at half price ($4 online plus a $1 convenience fee) to support this important fundraiser.

How many $0 tickets can I purchase?

You can purchase tickets for the number of people covered on your membership card. We reserve the right to check membership cards and photo IDs at the gate.

Why am I being charged a convenience fee?

A convenience fee is being charged for all online tickets and helps cover the fees associated with online ticketing. For $0 priced member tickets, this also encourages members to only reserve one night rather than multiple nights which would reduce the number of tickets available for other visitors. Each night will have a limited number of tickets available.

I have a membership to a reciprocal Zoo, how will that work?

We do not accept reciprocal memberships for admission after regular hours or for special events. Exception: we do have a special arrangement with the Cincinnati Zoo for ½ price tickets.

We normally park for free as members. Is it also free for the Halloween Party?

Although parking is included with your membership for visit during regular Zoo hours, it is not included for special after-hours fundraising event like the Halloween Party. A $5 parking fee per car will be collected (cash only) when you enter the lot as in past years. You can use FREE off-site parking and shuttle service.

Can Zoo Members bring a guest?

Member guests pay full price. See all the ticket options.

Is there a separate Zoo Member entrance?

No. All visitors enter through the main gate.

I am a Safari Gold Member. Are my rides included or at a discount?

Because this is an after-hours special event fundraiser for the Zoo, rides and attractions are not included and are a set cost for all participants.


Trick-or-Treating Questions

Can adults trick-or-treat?

Trick-or-treating is for kids 11 and under, so adults cannot trick-or-treat.

How many times can we go through the treat route per paid admission?

You may go through the trick-or-treat route one time at your leisure.

Should children bring their own trick-or-treat bags?

Yes, please help us be green and bring your own bags. If you forget a bag, you can purchase a cloth bag at the Zoo Gift Shop kiosk on the main plaza for $2.

Do any of the treats you give out contain peanuts?

Yes. While we make a conscious effort to include many treats that do not contain peanuts, some of those treats are made in facilities that process peanuts. As with all trick-or-treating, we always suggest that parents examine treats closely before children eat them.



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