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Overview of Exhibit Areas

Papa John's Splash Park at Glacier Run

Opened summer 2007
This nautically-themed splash park is the perfect place for families to beat the summer heat and get as wet as they want.


Alice S. Etscorn
Tiger Tundra

Opened summer 2008
The new interpretive theatre area of this exhibit gives guests a thrilling yet safe opportunity to get "nose-to-nose" with magnificent Amur tigers. Keepers conduct daily training and enrichment demonstrations.


Seal and Sea Lion Habitat

Opened summer 2010
Right in the center of Glacier Run, along the waterfront, seals and sea lions play and bask in the sunlight. The 108,000 gallon recycled salt water pool can hold a dozen of these popular and intelligent marine mammals. Both underwater and above ground viewing is available. A spacious amphitheatre makes it more comfortable for visitors to view the daily animal training and enrichment presentations.



The Town of Glacier Run

Opened spring 2011

Modeled after Churchill, Canada – the Polar Bear Capital of the World – Glacier Run is an imaginary town perched right at the edge of the arctic wilderness.  Visitors will be able to view magnificent animals, talk to zookeepers, experience amazing animal encounters and learn more about some of the  most critical conservation issues of our time.  This area also houses the state-of-the art classroom "Community Center."


Bear Habitat

Opened spring 2011

A glacier appears to have advanced on the town of Glacier Run blocking the road in the process. Amazingly this actually makes up one of the sides of one of the outdoor the bear habitats.  This area is just part of the large Glacier exhibit for the bears where they can also play in the 80,000 gallon pool, dive off rocks, explore dig pits and explore.  The indoor Bear Alley exhibit in the center of town offers fun diversions for bears and visitors.

Steller's Sea-eagles

Opened May, 2013

Immerse yourself in this one-of-a kind aviary that includes a stream and a waterfall. It is home to a pair of rare and magnificent Steller's Sea-eagles, red-breasted geese, beautiful azure-winged magpie and stunningly colorful mandarin ducks.  The spectacular new aviary will transport guests to an evergreen forest in Russia that features a 50' pine tree with a nest at the top for the Sea-eagles and a stream and waterfall for the neighboring species to enjoy.  Zoo visitors can enter the aviary to closely observe the waterfowl and watch the cunning magpie dart through the eagle's mesh to forage.  If lucky, you can snap a photo of the sea eagles spreading their nearly 8 foot wings to take flight.

Snowy Owl Exhibit

Opened Spring, 2013

The new exhibit was designed to resemble a rustic outbuilding sitting on the outskirts of an Arctic town – in this case, Glacier Run. The inside is equally themed having an  industrial feel with trusses running  down the center which serve as perches for the birds. The Zoo’s snowy owl exhibit showcases both a male that came from the Netherlands and a female from the Minnesota Zoo.