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Glacier Run Capital Campaign

In order to further our mission to “better the bond between people and our planet,” the Louisville Zoo must constantly create innovative and engaging exhibits that offer a truly unique visitor experience and help improve quality of life for Kentuckiana. Our most recent endeavor, Glacier Run, will not only add to your Zoo’s current award-winning exhibits, but it will expand our abilities to provide accurate, science-based education alongside quality family fun. 

The $25+ million, multi-phase capital campaign, lead by co-chairs Sandra A. Frazier and Allan Latts (pictured right), includes dynamic and interactive exhibits showcasing polar and grizzly bears, seals, sea lions, Amur tigers, and a variety of other arctic animals. The campaign has raised over $26 million—the most raised for an exhibit in your Zoo’s history —with more than 67% of the funding from private sources.

A Look at the Numbers

Phase 1
Gateway to Glacier Run (Completed)

Phase 2
Papa John's Splash Park at Glacier Run (Completed)

Phase 3
Alice S. Etscorn Tiger Tundra (Completed)

Phase 4
Bear Habitat & Town of Glacier Run (Completed)

Phase 5
Steller's Sea Eagles & Endowment  (Completed)

TOTAL: $26,300,000

Growing For a Future

The Louisville Zoo must ensure that an investment of this magnitude is supported through an ongoing endowment. These funds are essential, not only to the success of the Glacier Run project, but also in supporting the future of your Zoo’s overall operations. To learn more about how to contribute to the Glacier Run endowment please email Robert.Micou@louisvilleky.gov.

Choosing Conservation

While the message of science-based information about climate change is communicated through the education programming of Glacier Run, the construction and operation of the facility also supported conservation. Through the innovative design of the new exhibit, Glacier Run will recycle 100% of the vast salt water required for the polar bear, seal, and sea lion pools. Further, guests who choose to ride the tram through the exhibit will be taken on the backside of Glacier Run, where they will be given the opportunity to see and learn about our life-support system and water recycling system. The Zoo is passionately dedicated to finding innovative ways throughout design and construction of all of our projects to help minimize our impact on the environment.

Impacting The Community

Glacier Run will bring vast educational, conservation, and economic benefits to Louisville and the community. Our current educational programs such as School at the Zoo, Toyota's Backyard Action Hero program and our Summer Camps will be enhanced by the state-of-the-art interactive educational components of Glacier Run. In addition to impacts on conservation education and quality family fun, Glacier Run will also bring vast economic improvements to the surrounding community and the state. It is estimated by local economist Jay Vahaly that from 2004 (pre-Glacier Run) to 2012, the Zoo’s job creation will rise nearly 70%; wage and tax growth will increase 55%; and total spending as a result of Zoo construction and activities will increase by 62% to more than $33 million.

As the State Zoo of Kentucky, nothing is more important to us than inspiring minds in a meaningful way that expands the imagination, offers new learning opportunities and strengthens family togetherness. Click here to donate today to support the greatest needs of your Zoo!

Many Thanks to the Campaign Leadership Committee

Miss Sandra A. Frazier
Mr. Allan Latts

Honorary Co-Chairs:
Mrs. W. L. Lyons Brown
Mrs. Annette Schnatter

Mrs. Madaline Abramson
Dr. Sy Auerbach
Mrs. Kristen Augspurger
Mr. Andrew Beshear
Mr. Robert Holmes
Mrs. Deborah King
Mr. Thomas O'Brien, III
Mr. Bruce Perkins
Mr. Kerry Stemler
Mrs. Kate Underwood
Mr. Manning Warren
Mr. Mark F. Wheeler

Donor Thanks