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The Louisville Zoo will bring an educational program to your school. Through minds-on/hands-on classes, we will help your students experience the fascinating world of nature. Programs can be designed for pre-school through high school aged students.

A few animals will join our Zoo educators during the outreach to increase student participation and interest allowing for a special time of wonder and discovery. 

Choose one of the programs below or work with our MetaZoo Education staff to design a program to meet your needs. Classroom-sized groups only. No assemblies please.


Educators will work to meet your individual curriculum needs.

Experiencing Animals

A fun, informative presentation containing basic animal information. Great for introductory units for young children!

Let's Eat (Grades K-3)

Students will learn what animals eat and the special features that determine whether an animal eats meat, plants or both.

Creepy Crawlers (Pre-School Grade 5)

Children will discover that insects, spiders and snakes are not so bad after all.

Animal Endangerment (Grades 4 - High School)

This is a program focused on animal and plant extinction. Recent research and conservation efforts are discussed along with the role that zoos are playing to save endangered species.

Cost:  $7 per student for an outreach program.

Call (502) 238-5342 to schedule your outreach program
or e-mail kathleen.johnson@louisvilleky.gov