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The Louisville Zoo plays a vital role in helping to develop an appreciation for and a sense of responsibility toward the magnificent animals and plant life. This living classroom contains some of the largest and rarest animals found on our planet. It is the role of the Louisville Zoo Education Department to share these wonders by increasing an awareness of natural history, conservation issues and interrelationships among living things.

Knowledge and appreciation of wild creatures will be a decisive factor in the survival of these animals and their habitats.

Schools can choose from a number of options including the following:

FIELD TRIP ONLY VISITS –Teachers, chaperons and students can visit the Zoo on their own.

FIELD TRIP WITH ZOO EDUCATION PROGRAM ADDED – This field trip also includes a formal education program presented by the Zoo's Education Department .

SPECIAL PROGRAMS such as Night Safaris, Scout and Adopt-an-Animal programs

OUTREACH PROGRAMS – We bring the Zoo to you.

TEACHER TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES  enabling teachers to discover, explore and experience the biodiversity of this planet

SCHOOL AT THE ZOO is unique week-long/all-day program held during the Zoo’s off season.

HOME SCHOOL PROGRAMS are designed specifically to meet the needs of families educating their children at home.

Reservations are required for all these programs.