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Scouts, Daycares & Camps


Rates - $7 per person admission*


Dare to Care Promotion - $5 per person admission

Nov. 1 - Feb. 28 with canned food per student admission.
(Not valid for education program fees)


Important: In order to receive a group rate, the entire group must enter at the same time and pay in one transaction. Please be sure to collect all funds if a credit card, single school check or purchase order is not used. Reservations are required if you plan a Field Trip to the Zoo.

Chaperones/Extra Parents

The Zoo requires a minimum of one adult chaperone for every ten (10) children. Those chaperones receive free admission/parking. Additional parents/chaperones receive $7 admission and free parking ONLY if they are included on the ADMISSION TICKET and payment is part of the single transaction by the Group Coordinator.

(NEW) Non-member parents/chaperones arriving and paying separately will be assessed regular Zoo admission plus $5 per vehicle for parking.

Students must be accompanied by adults at all times.


For public and private school groups on field trips, school buses will not be charged parking. All teachers and chaperones must be included on the school's Admission Ticket and pay as a group and enter together as one group to get free parking. Those arriving separately will be charged full admission cost and a $5 parking fee per vehicle. 

Scout groups, daycares, YMCAs and other groups will be assessed a $5 parking fee per vehicle.


ONLY the GROUP COORDINATOR for school groups arriving in a bus should exit at the crosswalk and proceed to the Admission Windows to make payment for the entire group. Please direct buses to the bus parking lot where students disembark. DO NOT have students or chaperones disembark in the Zoo's crosswalk area which must be left clear at all times.

Louisville Zoo Members

Reminder: Zoo membership cards are not valid for group visits (admission or parking). Memberships were designed for an individual, couple or family experience and not built for group usage. Because we serve a large volume of groups each year, it is necessary to serve groups efficiently in order to provide good customer service for all of our visitors.

Scheduling Your Field Trip:

The month of May is crowded and busy at the Zoo. Make your trip less hectic and more educational by scheduling a fall, winter or early spring trip. Please avoid local Spring breaks as they are often extremely crowded.

  • Field Trip with an Education Program added  - Enhance your field trip by adding a specially designed programs taught by Zoo educators and docents (trained volunteers). Programs last 30 to 60 minutes and can be designed to fit curriculum needs. Click here for available programs and prices and scheduling instructions and DO NOT download the form below for a Basic Field Trip.
  • Basic Field Trip - Schools and groups may schedule a Field Trip by completing a registration form:

    Complete and fax to 502-459-2196 or scan and email to ZooReceptionist@louisvilleky.govWe encourage you to register several weeks in advance of your trip.

Schools completing advanced registration will be mailed a Confirmation Packet containing an Admission Ticket to complete and bring to the Zoo ticket window with the single payment (required). Plus, you receive copies of Zoo rules, tips on planning meals and activities and more to help you prepare for your visit.


The Zoo’s in-house caterer offers a variety of convenient and inexpensive lunch options for your school group. Click here for details and prices. 

If you would like to rent a picnic facility for your group, please make reservations with the Group Sales Department at least two weeks in advance (space is limited). Contact 502-238-5348.

Fun Activities

Discover all the fun activities to do inside the Zoo from carousel rides to train rides and lorikeet feedings to the NEW Sky Trail (R) Navigator and Sky Tykes TM Ropes Courses.

Don't miss BIG, BIG Bugs! These gargantuan animatronic bugs are placed throughout the Zoo to educate and amaze you March 28 - September 28, 2014.  Free with Zoo admission. Download fact sheets to prepare for your visit and make the most out of your fun, educational zoo trip.

Once you reserve your Field Trip, your Confirmation Packet will provide details on how to purchase special tickets for select attractions for your school group. To get discounted rates, school groups must purchase rides and attractions as a group on the Admission Ticket, not individually. School group rates per person: Carousel ($1), Train ($2), Tram ($1), Lorikeets ($1), Sky Trail (R) Navigator ($10), Sky Tykes TM ($4).

Field Trip Guidelines & Rules

General Educational Materials

Worksheets and other general curriculum materials are available to make your visit a more meaningful one. Click here for details. Contact the Education Department for more information.