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The Louisville Zoo Teen Docent Program

Do you enjoy learning about animals? 

Do you want to learn more about how the Zoo works?

Are you good at talking with people and sharing the knowledge you have about your Zoo?

The Louisville Zoo Teen Docent program is designed to complement our regular adult Docent program by developing a group of young interpreters to help enhance visitor experience at the Zoo. Docents are volunteer “teachers” and work directly with the Education department staff.  Teen docents will help interpret specific exhibits, share educational messages through hands on exploration centers around the Zoo, and help develop fun and informative activities that create a variety of learning experiences for Zoo visitors.

This program is limited to 15 participants per year. Interested individuals must complete the Teen Docent Application and submit that application by the designated date. Late applications will not be considered for this year’s program. The application process will include the submission of each of the following, all of which must be submitted at the same time:

Other Requirements:

Age Requirement: Must be 15 to 17 years old. (Must have reached the age of 15 by time of first training session)

Program Fee: A nominal fee of $15 (Check made out to the Louisville Zoo) to be sent with application  which will help cover expenses for a Teen Docent shirt and official Teen Docent badge & related printing materials. (If you are not accepted to the program this year, your check will be returned.)

Hours Requirements: Once a participant has completed initial training, he/she will be expected to put in a minimum of 48 hours per year (approx. 4 hours/month) to remain active in the program. If no hours are recorded for two months in a row, then teen will be dropped from program.      

Dedication: A good applicant is responsible and dedicated to the Zoo’s Mission, “To better the Bond between people and our planet.”  

Those interested in participating should contact Diane Taylor at 238-5350 or Doug McCoy at 238-5343. 

Completed Applications for this year’s program are due by February 16, 2013

Mail to:

The Louisville Zoo
Attn: Doug McCoy
Teen Docent Application
1100 Trevilian Way
Louisville, KY 40213-1559  

The number of participants is limited to 15 per training class, so please do not get upset if you are not selected for this very popular program. Selections will be based on timeliness of application, recommendation letters and responses to questions on written interview.    

Those that are accepted into the program will receive a confirmation letter, including an orientation date and training schedule for the winter/spring of 2013. 

If you are not accepted you will receive a letter and returned check.

Teen docent training will generally meet 2 Saturday’s a month starting with an Orientation at the end of January and bi-monthly in February, March and April.