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Award-Winning Glacier Run

This spacious, state-of-the-art exhibit is currently home to magnificent polar and grizzly bears, sleek seals and sea lions and the rare and impressive Steller's Sea-eagles.  Numerous daily demonstrations at the seal and sea lion amphitheater and in the arctic town of Glacier Run, make this must-see area.

Wallaroo Walkabout

Experience this immersive exhibit right in the middle of one of the Zoo's most interactive zones!  Wallaroo Walkabout invites visitors to follow a path directly through the exhibit which includes wallabees and wallaroos (both look like small kangaroos) and wonderful Australian birds.

Lorikeet Landing

Amazement, wonder and delight are exactly what you'll experience when you visit Lorikeet Landing at Rainbow Springs.  Enjoy a real nose-to-beak experience as you stroll through this beautiful aviary, surrounded by brilliantly colored, friendly birds that will eat nectar right out of your hand!

Award-Winning Gorilla Forest

This award-winning four-acre exhibit is one of the most innovative projects ever undertaken at the Louisville Zoo. This multi-faceted exhibit immerses you, the visitor, into the world of gorillas. Whether you are searching along the Discovery Trail or stopping at Hippo Falls or discovering the gorillas in one of their three habitats, you are in the gorilla’s realm.

Award-Winning Islands

The world's first multi-species rotational exhibit which encourages visitors to explore the concept of Islands as ecological treasures.  Visit orangutans, siamangs, tapir, Sumatran tigers and more.

Alice S. Etscorn Tiger Tundra

At the Zoo’s Amur/Siberian Tiger Exhibit you can speak to zookeepers and experience magnificent and VERY impressive tigers nose-to-nose during the daily training sessions.