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Exhibits Overview

  • Award-Winning Glacier Run: Designed as an imaginary gold mining town on the edge of the arctic wilderness, this exhibit offers a truly unique experience where guests can connect with magnificent animals like polar and grizzly bears, interact with zookeepers to learn about conservation and become temporarily immersed in the experiences of life on the tundra
  • Lorikeet Landing: Amazement, wonder and delight are exactly what you'll experience when you visit our newest exhibit.

  • Award-Winning Gorilla Forest: This award-winning four-acre exhibit is a multi-faceted exhibit immerses you, the visitor, into the world of gorillas.

  • Award-Winning Islands: The world's first multi-species rotational exhibit which encourages visitors to explore the concept of Islands as ecological treasures.

  • Alice S. Etscorn Tiger Tundra:  The Zoo’s Amur/Siberian Tiger Exhibit has gotten an “extreme make-over” as part of the on-going Glacier Run project.

Animals Overview

Learn more about the Louisville Zoo's animal collection. Species are listed alphabetically in the following categories: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles & Amphibians, Fish and Invertebrates.

Horticulture Overview:

The Louisville Zoo sits on 100 plus acres of land with hundreds of varieties of exotic and natural plants, trees and grasses spread throughout. Find out more about the plants we care for as well as the staff that takes care of them.