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Louisville Zoo Staff



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DIRECTOR   John T. Walczak
Business & Finance  
Business Office Coordinator  Jennifer Mike
Gift Services Manager  Kathy Kline
Systems Administrator Troy Torstrick
Development Director Bob Micou
Development Coordinator Kelly Grether
Development Assistant Josh Lampton
Marketing & Communications  
Marketing & PR Director     Maureen Horrigan
Communications Manager Robert Kemnitz
Corporate Sponsorship Manager  Terri Lenahan-Downs
Group Sales Coordinator Marketta Townsend
Group Sales Representative Keith Dunn
Media Relations Manager  Kyle Shepherd
Membership Manager   Eugene Carner
Special Events Coordinator Stephanie Maloney
Education Curator     Marcelle Gianelloni
Assistant Education Curator   Doug McCoy
Animal & Veterinary Staff
Senior Veterinarian  Roy B. Burns, DVM
Veterinary Associate   Zoli Gyimesi, DVM
Hospital Supervisor   Jamie Huber
General Animal Curator      Steven Wing
Birds Curator  Gary Michael
Ectotherms Curator   Bill McMahan
Assistant Curator (Commissary,
Giraffe Area & The Valley)  
Michael Jones
Assistant Curator
(Islands & Glacier Run)  
Jane Anne Franklin
Assistant Curator
(Comissary & Gorilla Forest)
Jill Katka
Registrar    Elaine Huddleston
Construction & Exhibit  
     Graphics Supervisor Charles Edwards
Guest Services Coordinators   Nelson Gilmore &
  Marty Pray
Rides & Attractions Supervisor Dan Cole
Human Resources Administrator  Cathy Bowling
Volunteer Coordinator Diane Taylor
Horticulture Supervisor   William Nay
Maintenance Manager   Rich Williams
Maintenance Superviser Vacant