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What is a Backyard Action Hero?
A Backyard Action Hero (BAH) is a kid who is really into wildlife and habitats and is ready to take action to help protect them.  A BAH cares about the animals and plants in his/her own backyard and in other parts of the world! The Louisville Zoo is a really great place to learn all about plants and animals.

About the Backyard Action Hero Guidebook
The 2013-2014 Backyard Action Hero Guidebook is all about The Desert! The deserts of the world cover approximately 30 percent of the Earth's land so it only makes sense to dedicate an issue of BAH to this amazing ecosystem!

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Itís full of fun facts and awesome activities that you can do by yourself or with family and friends.  Youíll discover ways that YOU can help protect the environment.  Itís not only cool to help with conservation Ė it can be fun too!

You can also download previous year's guidebooks. (Note, all books require Adobe Acrobat to read.  You can download this program by clicking here.)

2012: Ocean

2011: Bears

2010: If I Built A Zoo!

2009: Adventures In The Tundra
2008: Wetlands
2007: Creepy Crawlies (Spiders, snakes, frogs and more)
2006: Deciduous Forests

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The 2012-13 Backyard Action Hero Guidebook
was written by Marcelle Gianelloni,
Doug McCoy and Jennifer McMaster

Designed by Robert Kemnitz

Edited by Maureen Horrigan

Photos by Kyle Shepherd, Andrew Fore Photography, Robert Kemnitz, Polar Bears International and Shuttestock

Illustrations by Moonlight Graphic Works / Stephen Sebree

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